Sponsorship network for SV Schwaig Volleyball Team 13. August 2013

Sponsorship network for SV Schwaig Volleyball Team

We’ve gone up in the world! In the current new season, the SV Schwaig men’s team are playing in the second national volleyball league. It is one thing is to qualify in the sport, but to be able to meet all the costs is quite another. Even though our team naturally cannot compete for profit, high travel costs and other expenses are still inevitable.

The budget for this season comes to €30,000, and to make these funds available, a sponsorship network has been set up. This currently consists of 9 firms in the region. As a local company, CITO is naturally happy to join this network, since the concept of a group of companies supporting a local sports team is one that we firmly believe in. With a moderate financial commitment, a medium-sized company such as ours can still really make a difference in top sports.

We wish our national league team from Schwaig lots of success and really hope to be able to support a second league team again next year.