Successful exhibition in Sri Lanka

Report by Peter Jones from Printing Equipment & Materials (Pvt) Ltd on Sri Lanka Print:

Sri Lanka Print 2018, previously known as the “Collate Exhibition”, was this year upgraded to the status of a National Exhibition because of its importance to our country. It was held from 16th to 18th March 2018 in Colombo, on the theme “Going GLOBAL”. Both local and foreign exhibitors participated. This exhibition is the main event that enables all the printers & carton manufacturers to get to know the latest developments in technology and the innovations available in the printing & packaging industry worldwide.

The slogan ‒ “Going Global” means producing and exporting top quality packaging material, and this can be done only by using accessories and tools of top quality to produce them. This means the packaging material manufacturers will have to use nothing less than products by CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH, who are world-renowned and whose quality enables the achievement of the highest levels of quality and productivity, while maintaining minimum spoilage.

As CITO’s agent in Sri Lanka ‒ Printing Equipment & Materials (Pvt) Ltd ‒ we displayed the entire range of CITO Creasing Matrix, Makeready Materials, tools and accessories, measuring devices such as CITO CREASY, Diemaking Accessories, Ejection Rubber, Stripping Accessories, Offset Rules, ink-repellent products etc. The main attractions for visitors were the RSP System & CITO CREASY. It was a good opportunity for us to introduce the new technology combining these 2 items, to many new customers as well as to existing ones.

We look forward to a positive outcome from this exhibition, as CITO products will enable our customers to “Go Global”.

Sri Lanka Print