World Vision Donation Campaign CITO trainees support young people in Guatemala

With their "The Good gift" campaign, the CITO trainees called upon all employees to support young people in Guatemala at the company’s last Christmas party. The donation campaign was intended to help the children’s charity World Vision, whose projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa help children and adolescents in extreme poverty. The young people in the Latin American country often do not have the means and opportunities to obtain qualified training. With the help of "The Good Gift" investments are made in the vocational future of young people.

The CITO employees and colleagues of the CITO GROUP were very enthusiastic about the campaign; during the course of the evening, a total of € 2,500.00 flowed into the donation pot. Thanks to the committed efforts of the trainees, eight training places can now be funded for a year (€ 290.00 each) and nine learning material packages (€ 20.00 each) can be purchased for the young people in Guatemala.

The World Vision employee, Sarah Koschinski, visited CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH on 17 February 2020 to thank the trainees in person for the donation and their commitment. Sarah Koschinski emphasised how important the donations are for the work of World Vision and reported to the interested CITO trainees on the implementation of the projects in the respective areas. A good opportunity to obtain first hand information about the work of the charity.

For some time now, CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH has been committed to the children’s charity, which uses donations sustainably and efficiently. For example, in 2019, the project in Nam Giang in Vietnam (on which we reported) was achieved with our financial support.

Our thanks go to the trainees for their commitment! It makes us very proud that our young people make an extra effort for their peers in other regions with hardly any vocational prospects and for whom qualified training or leaning materials cannot be taken for granted!