You Never Walk Alone!

The Brexit date is moving inexorably closer. It is not a question of whether this political step is the right one or not. It is also not our place to judge. It is a sovereign decision of the citizens of the United Kingdom.

Nonetheless, we also have a responsibility to ensure that all our customers continue to receive their goods on time and with the appropriate quality in the future. Working closely with our colleagues at CITO UK Ltd., we have drawn up a concept to make sure that we are prepared for all possible scenarios. We have equipped our warehouse in Alfreton with sufficient goods to service all our customers reliably.

Friends help each other, which is why I also thank our production department. It worked hard, including in extra shifts, to produce what our customers in the UK need. CITO has been present in the UK with its own company for almost 40 years. It is more than a matter of mere business; friendships have grown during this time.

Each of our customers is our partner, regardless of whether they are in Hamburg, Milan, Tokyo or Manchester, and we are responsible for ensuring that all customers can trust the CITO brand long-term. Friendship is enduring and no political decisions in the world can affect it.

Jürgen Mariën