RSP Accessories

RSP Accessories

to aid safe and comfortable use of RSP


descriptionunitOrder no.
RSP hinge unlocking tool1 pc.ARH00045
torque screwdriver TX 20, 1.2 Nm1 pc.BRH00041
precision hexagon socket wrench (2.5 mm)*1 pc.BRH00013
torque wrench set**, extension 250 mm & 17 mm socket1 pc.BRH00045
torque wrench set for KBA Rapida 105/106 DU1 pc.BRH00050
adhesive tape for securing, 12 mm × 66 m, for RSP 2.0 application1 reelBRH00008
adhesive tape for securing, 12 mm × 66 m, for RSP Easy application1 reel BRH00062
metal adhesive tape for securing, 12 mm × 66 m, antistatic1 reelBRH00039
SK4 tape for KBA silicon jackets, 12 mm × 66 m, red1 reelBRH00066
side cutter1 pc.BRH00040
removal aid for protective impression cylinder jacket1 pc.ARH00007
safety gloves M1 pairBRH00020
S 80 scissors1 pc.BDC00001
S 80 replacement blade1 pc.BDC00002
CITO TAPE blue, 0.03 mm, 40 m × 6.0 mm3 reelsBJC01018
CITO TAPE red, 0.05 mm, 30 m × 6.0 mm3 reelsBJC01019
RSP Manual Nick Grinder with recharge. battery and special adapter for diamond grinding discs 35 × 7 mm1 pc.BRH00017
special adapter for grinding discs1 pc.BRH00018
diamond grinding disc 0.3 mm1 pc.BID37001
diamond grinding disc 0.4 mm1 pc.BID37002
diamond grinding disc 0.5 mm1 pc.BID37003
RSP mounting tool1 pc.BRH00015
RSP Adhesive Tape for fixing the flexible dies onto the RSP grid sheet or with the RSP Easy base blanket, 520 mm × 10 m1 reelBRH00032
RSP protective jackets lifter1 pc.BRH00033

* only using the RSP System

** to tighten base plate or base blanket

RSP Manual Nick Grinder