Ink-repellent RSP Protective Impression Cylinder Jackets

Ink-repellent RSP Protective Impression Cylinder Jackets

for Heidelberg perfecting presses

The advantages to you are:

  • Cost- and time-savings due to finishing capability within the same process and shorter downtimes.
  • Improvement in the quality of your product while perforating on wet ink

Combined with Mark 3 jackets by Heidelberg, this ink-repellent RSP protective impression cylinder jacket with its easy-to-clean top coating is the ideal solution to give you even more options for print finishing on your perfecting press.


Ink-repellent RSP protective impression cylinder jackets* are available in 3 sizes:

printing pressdimensions
L × W × H
unitOrder No.
XL 105/XL 1061056 × 739 × 0,25 mm1 pc.ARG80004
SM/SX1021026 × 703 × 0,25 mm1 pcARG80005
SM/CD/SX 74/XL75746 × 513 × 0,25 mm1 pcARG80006

*all items come with a special perfector adhesive tape (only suitable for Mark 3)