RSP Creasing Rubber

RSP Creasing Rubber

Is your alternative to the RSP offset creasing matrices. RSP creasing rubber is easy and fast to place on the impression cylinder. Therefore positioning corrections are also easier to carry out. Available in plate or strip form.

RSP Creasing Rubber

descriptiondimensions W x LunitOrder No.
RSP Creasing Rubber Plate700 x 1000 mm1 plateARN00001
RSP Creasing Rubber Strips25 x 700 mm10 stripsARN01001

Customer Testimonial

RSP Creasing Rubber – the alternative to the conventional offset creasing matrix

Müller-DitzenCompany: Müller Ditzen AG
Issued by: Norbert Nowacki, Head of Production

We have been using the RSP System since 2008 for creasing, diecutting and perforating operations.

We frequently use RSP for jobs where creasing directly on the printing press is required.

Until now, the only options available to us were offset creasing matrices. The RSP creasing rubber provides a really good alternative, especially where a large number of creases are located close together.

The creasing result is slightly lighter, but perfectly adequate for our needs and those of our customers. We are impressed by how quick and easy it is to place on the impression cylinder and how straightforward it is to make positioning corrections.

There is little doubt that we will be using the RSP creasing rubber frequently in the future.

The RSP creasing rubber – simple and quick!