Hints and tips

What can I do if my creasing strip does not stick to the protective impression cylinder jacket?

RillzurichtungClean the protective impression cylinder jacket with isopropylalcool so that it gets rid of residues of dirt and grease.

Increase printing pressure setting between blanket cylinder and impression cylinder by 0.02 mm during the transfer phase.

Lift creasing strip gently with the fingernail at the rear edge.


Supporting foam – optimum hold for sheet and line!

StützstegeIn order to achieve the least possible tractive force to your print sheet and your creasing rules please glue your supporting foam circumferentially to your grid sheet either into the unimprinted zone or into the intermediate cut.


So you avoid any possible differences in register, guarantee a smooth sheet transfer and hinder a „wandering“ of your creasing lines.

Should there not be left sufficient space in the unimprinted zone or in the intermediate cut, you can alternatively also glue a perforation line to your grid sheet over the whole circumferential length of the sheet.


How to get perfect joins with perforations.

RSP-BearbeitungslinienOr: How can the minimal distance between vertical and horizontal perforation be achieved?

By grinding of the lateral flank, for example with a Multi Dremel, the cross perforation can be connected directly to the cutting rule of the longitudinal perforation.

The result is a neat join - frayed edges are a thing of the past.

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