Die Future Group (DFG)

The Die Future Group was founded on 21st September 2012. It currently consists of the members

  • DieVision Holding B.V., The Netherlands
  • Bieling & Petsche Stanzformen GmbH, Austria
  • Aprisys N.V./S.A., Belgium

The aim of this team is to develop products and new methods to enhance and improve diemaking technology. The group meets regularly to set the priorities for these projects. These could involve new components or even new processing technology. The aim is to improve the benefit to customers using cutting dies or to enhance processes during production of these tools. Any new components which arise from this development work for cutting dies, stripping or blanking tools are marketed worldwide by the company CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH.

In principle, this group is open to any interested parties but of course new members can only be accepted following a unanimous vote. The companies which form part of the Die Future Group employ a total of 370 staff members in Europe and the diecutting plants work with 13 laser systems and 28 automatic rule processing machines. Access to water jet and milling technology is naturally also available.

The CITO R&D team is currently made up of 13 staff members including mechanical engineers, materials scientists, print technicians, packaging engineers and experienced specialists who come from all sectors of the print and packaging technology industries. CITO has simulators and the most advanced measuring technology at its disposal. The Die Future Group has created its own logo which will be marked on products from the resulting development work. 

Innovations of the Die Future Group