CITOSOL Cleaning Set for Cutting Plates


Cleaning agent for the cleaning and degreasing of metal surfaces and for removing glue and ink residues from machines.

CITOSOL Cleaning Set

DescriptionOrder no.
1 can of CITOSOL 1 litre
1 test spray can 1 litre, empty
1 glue scraper with a 100 mm blade
1 removal tool with a 20 mm blade

CITOSOL Cleaning Agent

DescriptionOrder no.
1 carton with 4 cans at 1 litre eachBMA00001
1 can 5 litresBMA00003
1 barrel 60 litresBMA00004

CITOSOL Accessories

DescriptionOrder no.
1 pump spray can 1 litreBMB00012
1 set of washers for pump spray canBMB00008
1 glue scraper with a 100 mm bladeBMB00001
1 set of blades (10 pieces) for scraperBMB00002
1 removal tool with a 20 mm bladeBMB00007
1 slade for removal tool (20 mm blade)BMB00010
1 drain plug for 60 litre barrel CITOSOLBMB00005



1. Remove the creasing matrix


2. Spray with CITOSOL


3. Remove glue


4. Rub off with cloth - that´s it !

Not to be used for cleaning of rubber, PVC, acrylic and other synthetic materials.