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In print finishing, cutting plate and cutting die form a complete unit, which is why CITO is also intensively involved in the development of cutting dies. Together with a number of international partners, it has created a development group known as the Die Future Group (DFG) that holds regular meetings at which it discusses the challenges presented by modern cutting dies and their production.

The CITO R&D team implements practitioners‘ ideas in the form of new products and techniques. Their work has been extremely successful and has led to the foundation of the DFG CENTER in Schwaig near Nuremberg, where all the production systems required in cutting die manufacturing are available. Now, development activities can be pursued even more effectively.

Any cutting die manufacturer is now able to select the materials and components he needs for his dies from the FormLine series, and they will always reflect the latest state of technology. In this field too, CITO is the competent contact that not only supplies the latest parts and materials but also optimises and supervises processes. Moreover, the DFG CENTER offers training courses in cutting die production.

The FormLine product range offers everything you need for your cutting die production. In addition to cutting rules, ejection equipment, matrix material and cutting plates, we supply all the components required for stripping and blanking tools. For decades, CITO has been the central contact for cutting die users. We are familiar with the requirements of folding box works, display producers, corrugated board and print finishing processors.

CITO FormLine

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