Envelope feeder for digital printing

Envelope feeder for digital printing

DigiFeed envelope feeder

The DigiFeed envelope feeder is used on your RISO printer during digital printing. The consistent shingle stream guarantees the delivery of envelopes even at maximum printing speed and large print runs in digital printing. The speed of the feeder adjusts automatically to the speed of the printer - controlled by a sensor.

Envelopes from C6 to C4 of different qualities can be fed and printed continuously. It does not matter if you use gummed or self-adhesive envelopes.

The envelope feeder can be adjusted with a few simple actions, so that the short set-up time for the stream feeder is possibly record-breaking. The quick change of format is carried out without tools. A high performance, easy operation and fast set-up times increase the output significantly when printing envelopes by digital printing methods.

The feeder can be filled and re-filled by the operator during printing. If it is not re-filled in time, an empty running check is available as an optional extra.

Find out how you can print customised envelopes digitally in large print runs and at an optimum cost from us or your RISO contact person.

  • Envelope feeder for digital printing on various RISO models
  • Quick and easy format change
  • Short set-up time
  • Easy use
  • Stream feeder
  • Large capacity
  • Low-noise operation
  • Non-stop filling during production
  • Infinitely adjustable from C6 up to C4

Technical Data

  • Length 1,000 mm
  • Width 550 mm
  • Height 1,250 mm
  • Weight 35 kg
  • Noise level < 70 dB
  • Electrical power supply 230 V 50 Hz
  • Feeder capacity, max. 500 envelopes
  • Speed: variable depending on the printer, though a max. of 10,000 items/hour
  • Infeed height from 470 to 635 mm, infinitely variable
DescriptionUnitOrder no.
DigiFeed 101 DW envelope feeder1 pc.AWC00001

DigiCon conveyor

Auslageband Kuvertanleger Digitaldruck DigiFeed DigiCon

The DigiCon conveyor carries the printed envelopes away from the printer. The speed can be infinitely adjusted by means of a digital control unit so that it can be adapted to the printer’s speed. The conveyor transports printed envelopes from the delivery section of the printing press up to the collecting plate where it collects these in a shingle stream. The large capacity of 1,000 envelopes means that they can be removed at random.

Sizes from C6 to C4 as well as special sizes can be transported on the conveyor. The conveyor can be set to the desired height with a few simple actions. It is very robust and maintenance-free to guarantee its economic use.

Technical Data

  • Length 1,230 mm
  • Width 570 mm
  • Working height 450 – 730 mm
  • Weight 17 kg
  • Noise level < 70 dB
  • Electrical power supply 230 V 50 Hz
  • Feeder capacity, max. 1,000 envelopes
  • Speed, variable depending on the printer, 0.1 m/min – 14 m/min
DescriptionUnitOrder no.
DigiCon conveyor1 pc.AWC00004

Envelope feeder DigiFeed


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