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Benefit from our more than 110 years of experience in the field of paper, cardboard and corrugated board processing. You can only achieve progress when you have made a precise analysis of the status quo. We research the principles of diecutting technology in our industry using high-speed video technology, simulators, and modern optical and mechanical measuring technology. Our material scientists develop new materials so that we can always react accordingly to your increasingly challenging requirements. In our R&D department, experienced practitioners work hand in hand with engineers, scientists and laboratory technicians.

We speak your language and we are listening to what the market tells us. We do not only supply tools and aids for your diecutting process, but we also provide appropriate test and measuring equipment along with the necessary technical support for determining your quality parameters and technical standards. Our robust line of ProcessLine test equipment supports you in performing your quality testing as closely as possible to your production process. Our experience, combined with the vision of constantly developing new techniques and materials, has made us one of the world‘s leading companies in the field of print finishing. Which is why tens of thousands of customers over every continent appreciate us as their – partner for success.

The CITO creasing system is just one example of a solution that has been leading in the world for decades. We want to be the benchmark for others in every sector in which we are involved. We claim to be able to offer the right solution for every task: this is how our CITO ULTIMATE, CITO DYNAMIC, CITO BASICplus and CITO PLAST creasing systems came about. Each of these products has its own special field of use. You can choose which of these products meets your production needs. But one thing is true of every CITO creasing system: it‘s the best product in its field and can be relied upon one hundred percent.

CITO BoxLine

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