Certified Creasing Systems for the manufacture folding carton packaging for food

We are aware of our responsibility for human health, safe production processes and sustainable products. With our certified materials we offer the packaging manufacturers quality products, which they can use safely in the production of food packaging.

In the production process of packaging, which comes into direct or indirect contact with food, it is necessary that these materials can be used safely for the manufacture of food packaging. During the production of the packaging, particles of material coming in contact with them are abraded and are deposited on or in the packaging material. This also affects the creasing matrices, which are placed on the cutting plate and come into direct contact with the packaging material during the diecutting process.

CITO ULTIMATE is the first creasing system worldwide, to be certified as safe for the production of folding carton packaging for food. The high-performance film-based creasing system can therefore be used for the production of food packaging with a clear conscience.

Production Reliability & Product Safety

Our certified creasing systems combine production safety with product safety.

  • Safe for the manufacture of folding cartons for foods
  • Conform with the EU Directive for food contact materials
    (EC No. 1935/2004 Art. 3 and 17)
CITO ULTIMATE certified for food packaging

Use safe processes and top quality! You can rely on this when you use our certified materials!