CITO Makeready Sheet

CITO Makeready Sheet, 3-ply

The CITO Makeready Sheet comprising film laminated on both sides with paper to form a 3-layer lay-up, combines the processing and handling advantages of a paper sheet with the tear resistance of a foil:

The paper surface is ideally suited for plotting with inkjet and pen (ballpoint pen). Due to the excellent ink absorption, a good contrast between the paper and the applied layout results; pasting the patching paper with CITO TAPE is also made easier.

The middle foil layer ensures dimensional stability; this makes register-true fine makeready possible. The surface coating is retained, the print is still visible and the patching tape keeps its position. Even in this state, the makeready sheet stays absolutely tearproof due to the laminated material.

Individual intermediate sizes in formats from 100 to 140 cm are available in small quantities and short delivery times. We are therefore able to cover all machine formats.

Paper-film-paper laminate

Further sizes on demand

DescriptionDimensions (L × W × H)UnitOrder no.
CITO Makeready Sheet, 3-ply50 m × 106 cm × 0.10 mm1 RollBJA00024
CITO Makeready Sheet, 3-ply50 m × 120 cm × 0.10 mm1 RollBJA00020
CITO Makeready Sheet, 3-ply50 m × 130 cm × 0.10 mm1 RollBJA00030
CITO Makeready Sheet, 3-ply50 m × 140 cm × 0.10 mm1 RollBJA00031

Calibrated makeready sheet, paper

DescriptionFormatDimensions (L × W × H)UnitOrder no.
Calibrated makeready sheet, paper, yellow1021030 × 735 × 0.10 mm125 SheetsBJA00002
Calibrated makeready sheet, paper, yellow1061070 × 740 × 0.10 mm125 SheetsBJA00009
Calibrated makeready sheet, paper, yellow1421410 × 1110 × 0.10 mm125 SheetsBJA00015

Calibrated makeready sheet, film

* dimensionally stable, tear resistant and waterproof
DescriptionDimensions (L × W × H)UnitOrder no.
Calibrated makeready sheet, film*50 m × 120 cm × 0.10 mm1 RollBJA00017


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