CITO Manual Nick Grinder

Model CG 3: developed especially for grinding nicks in cutting dies. Pneumatic drive for high performance. The device has a patented attachment for pressing down rubber profiles. The damaging of the rubber during grinding is prevented, performance of the diecutter is optimized.

  • ideal corrugated board attachment for protection of the rubber
  • simplified positioning for setting the nicks

Note: the device requires size 50 × 8 mm diamond grinding discs.


ModelVersionUnitOrder no.
CG 3 Vwith attachment for solid board1 pc.AIA02001
CG 3 Wwith attachment for corrugated board1 pc.AIA01001
 attachment for solid board (for wood of 18 mm thickness)1 pc.AIA02003
 attachment for corrugated board (for wood of 15 mm thickness)1 pc.AIA01007

Technical data

Air motor:

  • Air pressure: 600 – 700 kPa
  • Air consumption: 0.22 m3/min
  • Speed: 19,000 r.p.m.

Air hose:

  • Inner diameter: 5 mm
  • Length: 2,500 mm

Nick grinder:

  • Weight: 1.95 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Base plate: 190 × 110 mm
    • Brinding head: 125 × 70 × 70 mm

haltepunktschleifer luftmotor

Air motor with sound absorber