CITO D/5 Peak – solid rubber profile for corrugated board

CITO D/5 Peak solid rubber profile – for optimum processing of corrugated board

Your benefits:

  • Especially developed for cutting dies both for diemakers and corrugated board converters
  • Perfectly shaped perforations in the corrugated board
  • Pointed geometry provides a narrow contact area and thus reduces dents
  • Simple visual quality control through colour-coding
  • Especially developed for use on perforation rules, cutting rules and cutting-creasing combinations
  • Available as self-adhesive EasyFix version for exact positioning and residue-free removal of the ejection material
  • Certified as safe for the production of folding boxes for food packaging
    • Conform with sections 3 and 17 of EC No. 1935/2004 for food contact materials
CITO D/5 Peak certified for food packaging
CITO EasyFix Fingerlift

Due to the special pointed geometry, a narrow contact area is created.

The result: Perfect surface appearance due to reduced dents. For perfectly shaped perforations in the corrugated board.

By conforming to EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 for food contact materials, Articles 3 and 17, CITO D/5 Peak is safe for the production of folding cartons for food packaging.

The self-adhesive EasyFix version allows you to precisely position the ejection material on your cutting die, as well as residue-free removal of the rubbering. The surface of your cutting die remains undamaged. Use of activator sprays and super glues is avoided; this means improved safety in your company.


CITO D/5 Peak EasyFix – solid rubber profile

Vollgummi-Profil D/5 Peak
(L × W × H)
UnitOrder no.
Note: The indicated Shore A hardnesses can vary slightly.
D/5 Peak YELLOW70 Shore A700 × 5 × 7 mm100 stripsBPB01192
D/5 Peak FUCHSIA70 Shore A700 × 8 × 10 mm100 stripsBPB01191


We recommend the various D/5 Peak profiles for optimum cutting results in flatbed applications, in accordance with the desired wood thickness and application purpose.

* Overlap at 23.8 mm cutting rule
Wood thicknessProductColourApplicationOverlap*
18 mmD/5 PeakYellowCutting rule1.2 mm
15 mmD/5 PeakFuchsiaCutting rule1.2 mm

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