An Invention by the


protects the corners of the cutting die from damage during transport or when placing it into or removing it from storage. Available for three die board thicknesses.

The advantages to you are:

  • 100 % break-proof material
  • No damage to corners of cutting dies
  • Makeready times on the press are considerably reduced as no reworking is necessary
  • Reduced risk of injury to staff
  • A mark of quality for the application of CITO technology in the cutting die


DescriptionDie board thicknessUnitOrder no.
CITO PROTECTOR12 mm500 pcs.BQK00001
CITO PROTECTOR15 mm500 pcs.BQK00002
CITO PROTECTOR18 mm500 pcs.BQK00003

Note: Design your own customised Protector – using your logo and colour.
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Here you can download the template for the respective cutting geometry on a 1:1 scale.
Please ensure that the cutting contour is adjusted accordingly.

The following file formats are available for this: