Angle‑Lock™ Frames for the blanking station

Versions of Angle‑Lock™ Frames

Efficient blanking

The Angle‑Lock™ Frames enable considerable time and cost savings, higher machine performance and have convincing material properties. Due to the low weight, even large blanking tools can be easily handled by one person. The increased rigidity allows higher machine operating speeds. Additionally, the grid material can be precisely cut to length and bent, which reduces waste significantly. Also, the exact reproducibility of repeat jobs benefits diemakers and converters alike by achieving substantial time savings.

The frames can be configured around 75 % faster thanks to the software. All in all, the user achieves around 25 % time-savings thanks to the quicker assembly and easier handling.

All these features, such as precise and rigid tooling construction, easy design and assembly, faster machine speeds and reusable components, combine to make Angle‑Lock™ frames a worthwhile investment in terms of time and cost savings.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Precise, stable and robust construction
  • Reducible costs through self-assembly
  • Lower weight than conventional tools 
  • Less initial costs
  • Higher machine speeds
  • 80 % reusable components
  • Short delivery times
  • Faster amortisation of the blanking tools