CITO D/5 Top – solid rubber profile for corrugated board

CITO D/5 Top solid rubber profile – for optimum processing of corrugated board

Your benefits:

  • Especially developed for cutting dies both for diemakers and corrugated board converters
  • High-quality solid rubber profile for clean and exact cut edges
  • Simple visual quality control through colour-coding
  • Available as self-adhesive EasyFix version for exact positioning and residue-free removal of the ejection material
  • Certified as safe for the production of folding boxes for food packaging
    • Conform with sections 3 and 17 of EC No. 1935/2004 for food contact materials
CITO D/5 Top certified for food packaging
CITO EasyFix Fingerlift

The colour-coded profiles are used on the cutting rules to achieve clean and exact cutting edges.

The CITO D/5 Top solid rubber profile is characterised by the larger contact area for optimum fixing the cutting sheet. This means that the tensile forces are minimized at the cut and colour damage at the cut edge is avoided. The result: A perfect cut.

By conforming to EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 for food contact materials, Articles 3 and 17, CITO D/5 Top is safe for the production of folding cartons for food packaging.

The self-adhesive EasyFix version allows you to precisely position the ejection material on your cutting die, as well as residue-free removal of the rubbering. The surface of your cutting die remains undamaged. Use of activator sprays and super glues is avoided; this means improved safety in your company.


CITO D/5 Top EasyFix – solid rubber profile

CITO D/5 Top EasyFix
(L × W × H)
UnitOrder no.

Note: The indicated Shore A hardnesses can vary slightly.

Further sizes upon demand.

D/5 Top YELLOW70 Shore A700 × 5 × 7 mm100 stripsBPB01138
D/5 Top PURPLE70 Shore A700 × 5 × 8.5 mm100 stripsBPB01139
D/5 Top ORANGE NEW70 Shore A700 × 5 × 9 mm100 stripsBPB01162
D/5 Top FUCHSIA70 Shore A700 × 5 × 10 mm100 stripsBPB01137
D/5 Top TURQUOISE70 Shore A700 × 8 × 13 mm100 stripsBPB01161

CITO D/5 Top – solid rubber profile

Vollgummi-Profil D/5 Top
(L × W × H)
UnitOrder no.
Also available in a self-adhesive version: CITO D/5 EasyFix
Note: The indicated Shore A hardnesses can vary slightly.
D/5 Top YELLOW70 Shore A700 × 5 × 7 mm100 stripsBPB00138
D/5 Top FUCHSIA70 Shore A700 × 5 × 10 mm100 stripsBPB00237


We recommend the various D/5 and D/5 Top profiles for optimum cutting results in flatbed applications, in accordance with the desired wood thickness and application purpose.

* Overlap at 23.8 mm cutting rule
Wood thicknessProductColourApplicationOverlap*
18 mmD/5RoseCreasing/cutting and perforating rules0.2 mm
D/5 TopYellowCutting rule1.2 mm
15.8 mmD/5BrownCreasing/cutting and perforating rules0.2 mm
D/5 TopOrangeCutting rule1.2 mm
15 mmD/5OrangeCreasing/cutting and perforating rules0.2 mm
D/5 TopFuchsiaCutting rule1.2 mm
12 mmD/5BlueCreasing/cutting and perforating rules0.2 mm
D/5 TopTurquoiseCutting rule1.2 mm

Using the D/5 and D/5 Top solid rubber profile serves to compress the corrugated board during the diecutting process prior to the cutting procedure. As a result, the inner liner (corrugations) lies flat between the outer covers, thus creating a cleanly cut edge. The required heights of D/5 and D/5 Top can be influenced by several factors, such as material quality or diecutting pressure.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Customer Testimonial NEW

CITO D/5 Top – a top result: clean cutting edges and insignificant dents

casimir kastCompany: Casimir Kast Verpackung und Display GmbH
Created by: Werner Bindnagel, job planning

We use the CITO D/5 Top as a replacement for a conventional rubber C-profile and are very satisfied with it. With the new solid rubber profile CITO D/5 Top we have managed to solve the previous problem of dents in the material optimally.

A major advantage is also the self-adhesive EasyFix technology. This means that the rubbering can be easily removed from the cutting die without leaving any residues. The positioning of the rubber profiles is simple and easy. We in the job planning department benefit most from that.

The result has convincingly clean cut edges and insignificant dents. The stable sheet transfer ensures a smooth production process. Our employees now only use the CITO D/5 Top due to the simple handling and perfect results.



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