Milling Tools for Pertinax counters

Milling Tools for Pertinax counters

High-performance milling tools for Pertinax counters of all thicknesses

  • total length: 38.0 mm (CITO high-speed channel milling cutter: 40.0 mm)
  • shaft diametre: 3.0 mm

Editorial Pertinax Fräser Editorial
Higher quality and lower costs do not have to be contradictory.

CITO high-speed channel milling cutter

  • Diamond coated
  • Economical to use
  • Service life up to 10 times longer
  • Best possible milling results

Compared with standard cutting tools, our high-speed channel milling cutters have up to 10x longer service life! With our high-speed channel milling cutters, you can achieve cutting edges in the matrices that are smooth and completely free from burrs.

These tools, with their special geometry and superior quality cutting, enable a higher feed speed with adjustable rotation speed.

These high-speed channel milling cutters can be operated with the standard parameters of your milling machine.

High-speed channel milling cutter (cylindrical)

Einschneider, VHM
DescriptionCutting ØUnitOrder no.
High-speed channel milling cutter, cylindrical1.0 mm1 pc.BQA51010
High-speed channel milling cutter, cylindrical1.2 mm1 pc.BQA51012
High-speed channel milling cutter, cylindrical1.3 mm1 pc.BQA51013
High-speed channel milling cutter, cylindrical1.4 mm1 pc.BQA51014
High-speed channel milling cutter, cylindrical1.5 mm1 pc.BQA51015
High-speed channel milling cutter, cylindrical1.7 mm1 pc.BQA51017
High-speed channel milling cutter, cylindrical2.0 mm1 pc.BQA51020

High-speed channel milling cutter (conical)

Einschneider, VHM
DescriptionCutting ØUnitOrder no.
High-speed channel milling cutter, conical1.0 mm1 pc.BQA51110
High-speed channel milling cutter, conical1.2 mm1 pc.BQA51112
High-speed channel milling cutter, conical1.5 mm1 pc.BQA51115
High-speed channel milling cutter, conical1.7 mm1 pc.BQA51117
High-speed channel milling cutter, conical2.2 mm1 pc.BQA51122
High-speed channel milling cutter, conical2.5 mm1 pc.BQA51125
High-speed channel milling cutter, conical2.6 mm1 pc.BQA51126

Single and double milling cutters


Single-edged, VHM
descriptioncutting ØunitOrder no.
Single-edged, VHM1.0 mm1 pc.BQA01010
Single-edged, VHM1.1 mm1 pc.BQA01011
Single-edged, VHM1.2 mm1 pc.BQA01012
Single-edged, VHM1.3 mm1 pc.BQA01013
Single-edged, VHM1.4 mm1 pc.BQA01014
Single-edged, VHM1.5 mm1 pc.BQA01015
Single-edged, VHM1.6 mm1 pc.BQA01016
Single-edged, VHM1.7 mm1 pc.BQA01017
Single-edged, VHM1.8 mm1 pc.BQA01018
Single-edged, VHM1.9 mm1 pc.BQA01019
Single-edged, VHM2.0 mm1 pc.BQA01020
Single-edged, VHM2.1 mm1 pc.BQA01021
Single-edged, VHM2.5 mm1 pc.BQA01023

Single-edged (conical)

Single-edged, VHM
descriptioncutting ØunitOrder no.
single-edged conical, VHM1.0 mm1 pc.BQA01110


Zweissschneider, VHM
descriptioncutting ØunitOrder no.
double-edged, VHM1.0 mm1 pc.BQA02010
double-edged, VHM1.2 mm1 pc.BQA02012
double-edged, VHM1.3 mm1 pc.BQA02013
double-edged, VHM1.5 mm1 pc.BQA02015

Further sizes available upon demand 

Special milling tools

Chamfer tool (VHM)

Peripheriefräser, VHM, 9 mm
DescriptionCutting ØCutting LUnitOrder no.
Chamfer tool, VHM 120°5.0 mm9.0 mm1 pc.BQA22012
Chamfer tool, VHM 160°9.0 mm9.0 mm1 pc.BQA22016
Chamfer tool, VHM 170°9.0 mm9.0 mm1 pc.BQA22017

Chamfer tool (PKD)

PKD = poly crystalline diamond, extremely sharp, very long lifespan

Peripheriefräser, VHM, 9 mm
DescriptionCutting Ø
shaft Ø
Cutting LUnitOrder no.
Chamfer tool, PKD 120°5.0 mm
5.0 mm
9.0 mm1 pc.BQA01026
Chamfer tool, PKD 120°5.0 mm
3.0 mm
9.0 mm1 pc.BQA01028
Chamfer tool, PKD 160°9.0 mm
3.0 mm
9.0 mm1 pc.BQA22056

Drill for positioning holes

Positionslochbohrer, VHM
DescriptionCutting ØCutting LUnitOrder no.
Drill for positioning holes, VHM5.0 mm9.0 mm1 pc.BQA40003
Drill for positioning holes, VHM5.47 mm9.0 mm1 pc.BQA40004

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