Small tool with large effect

CITO SHEET RAMP lifts the sheet before it reaches obstacles to enable faster and more reliable machine running. The CITO SHEET RAMP also supports lifting of the sheet after the cutting process, e.g. out of the creasing channel.

The machine operator positions the self-adhesive CITO SHEET RAMP in the machine’s running direction, in front of the interfering contour, by means of “Pick and Place”.

It can be used as a problem solver on cutting plates, cut-crease plates, Pertinax counters, the middle stripping board or the lower blanking tool.

The high adhesive force and easy handling make the CITO SHEET RAMP unique. A small production tolerance enables precise gluing in the cut contours if necessary.

For optimum use: Template to download.

Areas of application:

Cutting plate

In front of a reverse cut or a reverse crease: The cardboard is transferred smoothly over the obstacle before the cutting process. After the cutting process, the cardboard is ejected, which helps the sheet transport.

In front of a Pertinax counter or on the Pertinax counter in front of a crease or reverse cut. CITO SHEET RAMP can also be used for embossing.

Cut-crease plate

In front of a creasing channel cut across the machine’s running direction to lift the sheet out of the channel after cutting.

In front of a reverse cut or reverse crease to transport the sheet over the obstacle.

Middle stripping die

For sheet transport over waste holes and to avoid stoppers.

Lower blanking tool

For optimisation of the sheet transport.

User benefits:

  • Higher machine speed
  • Avoidance of machine stoppers

CITO SHEET RAMP is suitable for cardboard and corrugated cardboard; two variants available.


Cutting Geometries

Here you can download the template for the respective cutting geometry on a 1:1 scale.
Please ensure that the cutting contour is adjusted accordingly.

Cutting Geometries


 DescriptionColourUnitOrder no.
Sheet RAMP S 2 neu-Sheet RampCITO SHEET RAMP S
11 mm | 0,43"

Black200 pcs.BQR00003
Sheet RAMP M neu-Sheet Ramp

21 mm | 0,83"

Black200 pcs.BQR00004

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