Breathe easy! RSP Green Finishing

Environmental protection made easy!
With RSP Inline Finishing Systems!

RSP Systems are very well tried and tested, and are popular due to their time and economic benefits for the user: inline finishing in one operation, without additional machines or personnel, at full machine speed and with top results.

At the same time, CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly with RSP. A decisive additional benefit, not only for the user but also for the environment.

We calculated this using a practical order: With a print run of 250,000 sheets, we save 500 kg of CO2 compared to offline finishing. This corresponds to the amount of carbon dioxide that 40 beech trees can absorb per year! And that with a single order! Extrapolated for a year, a small forest of 480 trees can breathe! See for yourself, how much CO2 you can save with RSP.

RSP Green Finishing

You want to achieve the highest quality when further processing, to produce economically and at the same time be environmentally conscious? Then it's high time for RSP Green Finishing.

For your customers and for our environment!