NEW! CITO D/12 for optimum conversion of multi-flute corrugated board

The new CITO D/12 solid rubber profile is the ideal solution for the conversion of multi-flute corrugated board.

It was especially designed for use on cutting rules, perforation rules and cutting-creasing combinations. The particular advantage lies in the geometry: Thanks to the specially defined conical shape the material’s tensile stress is reduced significantly. Double rubbering is not required.

The product properties such as colour-coding and the self-adhesive CITO EasyFix technology, which you value in our other ejection material, also set the new product apart. The profile has been developed in continuous dialogue with users and has been subjected to comprehensive practical tests. Its production in-house ensures uniform and outstanding quality.

You benefit from clean and precise cut edges and a faultless look.


Our tried and tested CITO D/5 solid rubber profile is the optimum choice for the conversion of single fluting. Discover our other solid rubber profiles and ejection material for the optimum conversion of corrugated board. Use them to increase machine output and product quality!