CITO quality components for dynamic stripping Let the sheets fly!

Smooth functioning stripping processes? No more unnecessary effort expended on sheet tears or machine stops? Then we are the right choice for you: We have also extended our stripping range.

CITO is your reliable partner when it comes to products for the conversion process on the diecutter. Materials that are especially tailored to the needs of diemakers and converters. Apart from the products for the cutting die and blanking tool, we also offer efficient solutions for dynamic stripping.

We would like to present a few of our product highlights to you:

  • CITO SHEET RAMP – for lifting the sheet.
    The component sets itself apart through its high adhesion and simple handling. It prevents sheet tears so that the diecutter runs without interruptions and at a higher speed.
  • CITO SHEET LIFT 3D – for fault-free sheet transport.
    After stripping, the sheet is lifted by the component’s spring force and the gripper bar pulls the sheet faultlessly over the stripping board. It is suitable for cardboard and corrugated board, can be used flexibly on both sides and be retrofitted if necessary.
  • CITO CRAFT STRIP / CITO CASTLE STRIP – for lateral and internal stripping.
    The waste nicks are cut before the actual stripping process. The product is particularly suitable for problematic waste parts or heavy, thick material grades and long-fibre materials.
  • CITO BOX RAMP – fast and efficient stripping of the internal waste.
    The component removes the need for time-consuming chamfering of the internal waste in the lower stripping board. It can be precisely positioned and different versions are available.

Quality components for efficient and reliable dynamic stripping – for easy handling, smooth sheet transport and higher machine performance. Our application experts help you to achieve optimum use.

CITO stripping components