CITOCLYN – flexographic printing cleaner in CITO quality!

In October 2020, we introduced the new CITOCLYN range of cleaners for flexographic printing and the feedback was fantastic!

With CITOCLYN you reduce your machine’s downtime while at the same time using less cleaning agent. We started by presenting the all-rounder CITOCLYN Uni Eco. Today you receive more information about the quality cleaner CITOCLYN Anilox.


CITOCLYN Anilox is an outstanding detergent for manual or automatic cleaning in external cleaning systems for anilox rollers.

Your advantages:

  • Excellent deep cleaning: You need less cleaner for the full cleaning effect.
  • Fast cleaning power: You considerably reduce the washing time and the washing cycles.
  • Reliable removal of stubborn calcium deposits: This restores the ink transfer properties of your anilox rollers.

CITOCLYN Anilox – flexographic printing cleaner in CITO quality! See for yourself!