Software update for CITO BREYE 1.6.1

NEW! A software update, Version 1.6.1 is available for CITO BREYE, the Braille measuring device.

With CITO BREYE, you can reliably measure and document the width, height and spacing of Braille dots according to DIN EN 15823. CITO BREYE can be used at different times in the production process: at the embossing machine, after gluing the packaging or in the quality department. More info on the portbable measuring device is available at CITO BREYE.

The software, Version 1.6.1, is characterised by the following improvements:

  • In addition to the identification number, a sub-number can now be issued in the report
  • Comment function in the report
  • Additional explanations in the report
  • Optimisation of the software texts

CITO BREYE Software Update v1.6.1