CITOCLYN Pressure Sprayers

For efficient and effective spraying and application of cleaning agents.

The CITOCLYN Pressure Sprayers are available as mobile sprayers and hand-held sprayers. These are supplied with a complete set of CITOCLYN Safety Labels, so that the contents are easy to identify.

CITOCLYN Pressure Sprayers (mobile)

fahrbare Drucksprühgeräte

Optimum for safe, economic and convenient use.

The mobile pressure sprayers are made of stainless steel and are operated with compressed air. The compressed air produces uniform and efficient wetting of printing plates and anilox rolls. The mobile sprayers are equipped with an overpressure relief valve for maximum operating safety. Frequent refilling or manual pumping by hand is not necessary thanks to the container size and compressed air connection.

The result: more efficient, faster, more reliable and safer manual cleaning process.


  • Content display
  • 10 metre spiral hose
  • 600 mm stainless steel lance
  • Pressure gauge with stainless steel housing
DescriptionVolumeCITOCLYN CleanerOrder no.
  Uni EcoUniManAniloxUV 
Mobile pressure sprayer V2A pH-value 4–1116 l  -- BMC10101
Mobile pressure sprayer V2A pH-value 4–1124 l  -- BMC10102
Mobile pressure sprayer V4A pH-value 2–1424 l     BMC10103
Mobile pressure sprayer V2A pH-value 4–1150 l  -- BMC10104

CITOCLYN Hand-Held Sprayer


Ideal for applying small quantities.

By using the CITOCLYN Pump Spray Bottle, the cleaning agent is applied uniformly and is sprayed finely and reliably.

Simple function: Manual pumping generates a pressure in the container. No overpressure thanks to the safety valve. By simultaneously pressing the release, a press of the thumb on the spray button is sufficient for reliable spraying of the CITOCLYN Cleaning Agent

DescriptionVolumeCITOCLYN CleanerOrder no.
  Uni EcoUniManAniloxUV 
CITOCLYN Hand-Held Sprayer1 l     BMB00014

CITOCLYN Stainless Steel Spray Lances


For ergonomic and safe working when spraying printing plates.

Stainless steel spray lances are available in different lengths. The robust lances made of stainless steel and the high-quality fluororubber seals ensure a long life.

  • Highly resistant seal
  • 110° discharge fan nozzle
  • Nozzle filter 50 mesh
  • G1/2” inside connection reduced to G1/4”
DescriptionLengthOrder no.
Stainless steel lance750 mmBMC10105
Stainless steel lance900 mmBMC10106
Telescopic stainless steel lance1,000 to 2,000 mmBMC10107

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