Offset Rules

Offset Rules

The classic method for perforating, die cutting and creasing in offset printing

Fixed to the impression cylinder and working with the protective blanket. Perfect offset strips are the option for short runs, available for paper and card.

  • "Center Series" with blades in the middle;
  • "Side Series" with blades at the side.

We have improved the adhesive tape on offset strips for your application.The new tape offers better adhesion on a variety of cylinder surfaces plus residue-free removal. This means the offset strips give better production reliability and require less cleaning.

Note: For use with RSP System 2.0 and RSP Easy, please click here.

Field of application

for offset papers up to approx. 110 g/m2

for offset papers up to approx. 180 g/m2
dependent upon paper quality, up to approx. 200 g/m2

for continuous forms, laser prints and all fine-fibre perforations


ArticleOrder no.Order no.Unit
Score rules
Score CardBTB02001BTA020011 reel
Score PaperBTB02002BTA020021 reel
Slit rules
Slit Card BTA030011 reel
Slit PaperBTB03002BTA030021 reel
Perf rules
Perf 16 tpi CardBTB00001BTA000011 reel
Perf 12 tpi CardBTB00002BTA000021 reel
Perf 8 tpi CardBTB00003BTA000031 reel
Perf 6 tpi CardBTB00004BTA000041 reel
Perf 16 tpi PaperBTB00005BTA000051 reel
Perf 12 tpi PaperBTB00006BTA000061 reel
Perf 8 tpi PaperBTB00007BTA000071 reel
Perf 6 tpi PaperBTB00008BTA000081 reel
Microperf rules
Microperf 30 tpi PaperBTB00009BTA010011 reel
Microperf 40 tpi PaperBTB00010BTA010021 reel
Microperf 50 tpi PaperBTB00011BTA010031 reel

unit 20 ft/6 m
tpi = teeth per inch

Offset Rules