Handy colour measuring device for flexographic and offset printing

The CITO colour measuring device, the SpectraldenCITOmeter, is a smart measuring device for additional use in the machine room. The colorimeter delivers fast and precise results, and its operation is intuitive and child’s play.

It combines the measurement functions of a densitometer with those of a spectral densitometer. This means that simple, precise and reliable measurements of density, dot gain value, absolute raster values and grey balance are possible for quality control.

The spectral densitometer shows you the colour difference between two colours according to Delta E 2000.

Matched precisely to your needs, the handy device provides you with precisely the measurement functions you need at the printing machine:

  • Density
  • Dot gain value
  • Dot value
  • Balance
  • Delta E 2000

Different versions of our measuring device are possible, with and without polarising filter, and different filter sets.

Technical data

  • Zeroing to paper white
  • Measurement of density values
  • Measurement of dot gain values
  • Measurement of the dot value
  • Measurement of density and balance difference
  • Measurement of Delta E 2000
  • Setting for calibration
  • Setting of absolute or relative density
  • Power supply by 2 AA (LR6) batteries (not included in the scope of delivery)
  • Tolerances: ±0.01 density, ±1 % tonal value, 0.5 Delta E


DescriptionVersionUnitOrder no.
SpectraldenCITOmeter, EPLOffset, EU, with polarising filter, 3 mm1 pc.BYG00100
SpectraldenCITOmeter, EPSOffset, EU, with polarising filterr, 2 mm1 pc.BYG00101
SpectraldenCITOmeter, EULFlexo, EU, without polarising filter, 3 mm1 pc.BYG00102
SpectraldenCITOmeter, EUSFlexo, EU, without polarising filter, 2 mm1 pc.BYG00103
SpectraldenCITOmeter, TPLOffset, USA/UK, with polarising filter, 3 mm1 pc.BYG00104
SpectraldenCITOmeter, TPSOffset, USA/UK, with polarising filter, 2 mm1 pc.BYG00105
SpectraldenCITOmeter, TULFlexo, USA/UK, without polarising filter, 3 mm1 pc.BYG00106
SpectraldenCITOmeter, TUSFlexo, USA/UK, without polarising filter, 2 mm1 pc.BYG00107


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