CITO CREASY Crease measuring device


Our creasing measurement device CITO CREASY enables you to monitor creasing characteristics. It supports you during setup on the press, resulting in superior creasing and a longer service life for your tooling and creasing matrices.

CITO CREASY is a measuring device that optically records creasing characteristics and uses software to analyse these on your PC or laptop. It graphically records the width, height and symmetry characteristics of the creasing and the two folding edges, analyses these and documents them by issuing a report. This guarantees optimised converting on the folding carton gluing machine.

With CITO CREASY and E-Guide Pro 2 you can also measure embossings and debossings of the tobacco industry.

Technical data

  • Measures the creasing characteristics
  • Measures the folding angle
  • Checks the height of creasing
  • Checks the width of creasing
  • Checks the folding edge to the left and right
  • Documents the checks in the form of a PDF quality report
  • Documents the statistics in the form of a PDF quality report
  • Tolerance: 0.003 mm depth measurement
  • Tolerance: 0.006 mm width measurement
  • Tolerance: 0.012 mm width measurement multiple creasing


DescriptionUnitOrder no.
CITO CREASY Basic1 pc.BOB00040
CITO CREASY Premium1 pc.BOB00041
CITO CREASY Upgrade from Basic to Premium1 pc.BOB00042
CITO CREASY Power Crease Update1 pc.BOB00044
CITO CREASY Power Box1 pc.BOB00045
CITO CREASY E-Guide Pro 21 pc.AOB00059
CITO CREASY 3D View1 pc.BOB00048
CITO CREASY LaserCrease1 pc.BOB00049
CITO CREASY Rule Upgrade1 pc.BOB00050
CITO CREASY E-Guide Pro 2 Package1 pc.AOB00061
CITO CREASY E-Guide Pro Film, printed
CITO CREASY E-Guide Pro 2 Film, printed
1 pc.AOB00044
CITO CREASY Upgrade for 5.x Software1 pc.BOB00060


The CREASY family continues to grow. We now introduce our embossment measuring devices and software and hardware extensions for the CREASY for measuring the crease notch and angularity of assembled folding boxes.

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Customer Testimonials

CITO CREASY – Ensures high and reproducible product quality

Netbox PL Sp. z o.oCompany: NETBOX PL Sp. z o.o.
Created by: Łukasz Pelc, Authorized Representative of the Management Board for Quality Management and Environmental Protection

Why did we decide on CITO CREASY?

We bought the CITO CREASY measuring device in 2019. The purchase was preceded by a visit to CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH in Schwaig, where we were able to inform ourselves intensively about the functions of the device. During this visit we were also able to check whether it meets our expectations, in order to verify the quality of our products.

After the purchase and delivery of the measuring instrument, we received online training in which some employees of our company were familiarized with the functions and handling of CITO CREASY. After a few weeks the training was repeated to discuss further questions which arose during the independent application. Thus, we were optimally trained to use the device.

Then the device went to the quality control department. There the employees carried out the quality inspection during the diecutting process several times a day. CITO CREASY is perfectly suitable for checking creasing characteristics on recycled cartonboard as well as on cellulose material made of virgin fibre. With the device, quality control based on a comparison with a standard sample is possible.

Thus, we can always offer our customers a constant and high quality for our products. This is of vital importance, especially for products made of cardboard, which are produced at highest speed on the folder-gluer.

Thanks to the use of CITO CREASY for quality control in the diecutting process, our customers receive guaranteed high and reproducible product quality.

Company: Druckerei Thieme Meißen GmbH
Created by: Ulrich Thieme, plant manager

We have been using the CITO CREASY since October 2014. The measuring device is used directly on our die-cutter for the purpose of quality control. Thanks to the CITO CREASY, we can check the crease geometries of our die-cut products. We can identify and correct any deviations immediately on the basis of the saved references. This allows us to eliminate the risk of complaints during production. Using the quality reports generated with CITO CREASY, we can document our quality across all runs for our customers too.


CITO CREASY software update v6.1.1.0

Note Use the update for serial number 663 and higher. The upgrade is available for a charge for serial numbers up to 662.

  • User management with access authorisation levels, password and log entries of the activities
  • Digital signature for PDF reports by PFX certificate file is possible
  • Power Box – now also supports the output of the blade/cut depth of score lines
  • Power Crease – export into Excel of individual creasing characteristics for multiple creasing (round corner)
  • E-Guide Pro 2 – optimised measurement of tactile warnings of danger ISO 11683 (warning triangle)

CITO CREASY software update v5.4.10.0

Note Use the update for serial number 480 and higher. The upgrade is available for a charge for serial numbers up to 479.

CITO CREASY software update v3.1.0.11

Please note For serial numbers up to 401, please use Update