Environmental protection

Environmental protection

In the printing and packaging industry, CITO is a byword for innovation, quality and for honest business relationships based on partnership. We stand in the tradition of a graphic craft business founded in 1906 and have developed into a worldwide operating industrial company with branches in various European countries.


Sustainability and environmental protection is anchored in all processes at CITO, starting with product development through to the dispatch of our products. We want to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions through environmentally friendly products and services. Since 2018 we have offered our national customers the option of climate-neutral dispatch with DHL GOGreen.

Urkunde Umweltpakt


Environmental declaration

With this environmental declaration we would like to inform our customers, suppliers, business partners and members of the public about the environmental production idea is anchored in the actions and efforts of CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH Germany.

Environmental protection has been an important factor in our company for decades.

We pay attention to achieving environmentally compatible processes in all areas and wherever possible we use renewable energy. Careful use of resources and effectively used energy are for us an acknowledgement of our responsibility for our planet and for future generations. This basic attitude can also be recognised in our research and development work. We have made it our goal to develop new techniques and products, which make a sustainable contribution to careful use of resources and to the protection of our environment.

“Umweltpakt Bayern” - what is that?

“Umweltpakt Bayern” - the Bavarian Environmental Pact - is an agreement between the Bavarian State Government and Bavarian businesses with pledges regarding performance and help with operational environmental protection. In the environmental pact, the partners declare their explicit conviction that natural resources can be better protected by the voluntary and reliable cooperation of the state and business than with laws and regulations alone. Against this background, on 18 November 2010 the new “Bavarian Environmental Pact - Sustainable Growth with Environmental and Climate Protection ("Umweltpakt Bayern - Nachhaltiges Wachstum mit Umwelt und Klimaschutz") was signed.

CITO is a committed, environmentally active Bavarian business

You will find the entry as a participant on the internet site of the Bavarian Ministry of Health and the Environment (Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Umwelt und Gesundheit), in the list of environmental pact participants and in the Smartphone App.