Colour measuring device

The measurement and control of your printing process has never been so easy. The SpectraldenCITOmeter is the perfect device for use with the printing machine. It provides exactly those measurement functions which are needed with the printing machine, quickly and easily: density, dot gain value, dot value, balance and Delta E 2000.

Technical data

  • Zeroing to paper white
  • Measurement of density values
  • Measurement of dot gain values
  • Measurement of the dot value
  • Measurement of density and balance difference
  • Measurement of Delta E 2000
  • Setting for calibration
  • Setting of absolute or relative density
  • Power supply by 2 AA (LR6) batteries (not included in the scope of delivery)
  • Tolerances: ±0.01 density, ±1 % tonal value, 0.5 Delta E


descriptionversionunitOrder no.
SpectraldenCITOmeter, EPLOffset, EU, with polarising filter, 3 mm1 pc.BYG00100
SpectraldenCITOmeter, EPSOffset, EU, with polarising filterr, 2 mm1 pc.BYG00101
SpectraldenCITOmeter, EULFlexo, EU, without polarising filter, 3 mm1 pc.BYG00102
SpectraldenCITOmeter, EUSFlexo, EU, without polarising filter, 2 mm1 pc.BYG00103
SpectraldenCITOmeter, TPLOffset, USA/UK, with polarising filterr, 3 mm1 pc.BYG00104
SpectraldenCITOmeter, TPSOffset, USA/UK, with polarising filter, 2 mm1 pc.BYG00105
SpectraldenCITOmeter, TULFlexo, USA/UK, without polarising filter, 3 mm1 pc.BYG00106
SpectraldenCITOmeter, TUSFlexo, USA/UK, without polarising filter, 2 mm1 pc.BYG00107