Research and Development

In order to be successful still tomorrow, we must already today look into the future and deal with the forthcoming demands of our customers. Only the one who is always ahead of his time will durably take a top position in the world of increasing globalisation. Following our slogan „partner for success“ we see us as partners of our customers for a common successful future. An important role there plays our intensive research and development work regarding the topic of „cutting and creasing process as well as bending behaviour of a cutting blank“. Parallel to the targeted employment of qualified personnel we have just recently increased our investments in the technical equipment.

The following patents presently valid have emerged from this work of development:

  • the special make of CITO PRO RE (DE 197 15 800)
  • the special manufacturing process with CITO PLAST (EP 04016794.2)
  • the special method for production of Braille script (DE 10 2006 006 708.8)
  • the RSP Inline Finishing System (EP 1 068 077, US Patent 6,651,539, PCT/EP2006/010621)
  • the locking hinge of the RSP Inline Finishing System 2.0 incl. RSP Direct Fit Flexible Die (PCT/EP2011/005017)
  • Flatbed plotter with a level cutting and/or creasing table as a work table, and creasing underlay for flatbed plotter (DE 10 2012 002 100.3)
  • Stripping tool for the removal of punching waste during the production of blanks from one sheet, and CITO LOCK safety device (EP 13 000 589.5)