CITO materials certified for food packaging

Quality and safety are important for us!

Certified ejection material to manufacture folding carton packaging for food

Particles of all materials are abraded during the diecutting process. This affects both ejection material and rubber profiles on the cutting die as a result of the production. These particles may also be left on the carton and can come into contact with food during the later production process.

Since our products are certified, we can guarantee that the abrasion from material has no shares that are harmful to health. Our materials CITOject F 15 SAND, CITOject F 25 YELLOW, CITOject F 35 GREEN, CITOject F 45 ORANGE, CITO MASTER Rubber, CITO FAST Rubber and CITO D/5 can therefore be safely used to manufacture cutting dies to produce folding carton packaging for food.

Production reliability & product safety

We combine production reliability with product safety through our certified ejection materials.

  • Safe for the manufacture of folding cartons for foods
  • Conform with the EU Directive for food contact materials
    (EC No. 1935/2004 Art. 3 and 17)

Certified rubber profiles and ejection materials

The following CITO materials are certified as safe to manufacture food packaging:

CITOject F




You can trust in safe processes and the highest quality if you use our certified materials.

CITOject F zertifiziert für Lebensmittelverpackungen
CITO MASTER Rubber zertifiziert für Lebensmittelverpackungen
CITO FAST Rubber zertifiziert für Lebensmittelverpackungen
CITO D/5 zertifiziert für Lebensmittelverpackungen

Also certified in the self-adhesive variant CITO EasyFix

The self-adhesive ejection materials and rubber profiles CITOject F EasyFix, CITO MASTER Rubber EasyFix, CITO FAST Rubber EasyFix and CITO D/5 EasyFix are the perfect combination for rubbering your cutting die. With these materials, you will not only improve the performance of your diecutter but also increase the quality of your die-cut products.

Quick and easy perfection

With the self-adhesive ejection materials and rubber profiles CITOject F EasyFix, CITO MASTER Rubber EasyFix, CITO FAST Rubber EasyFix and CITO D/5 EasyFix you are always a step ahead of the rest and up-to-date when it comes to rubbering cutting die technology.

  • Save time through quick, easy and precise attachment
  • Can be removed without any residues
  • No damage to the surface of the cutting die

Learn more about CITO EasyFix.



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Certified materials for your cutting die – CITOject F

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