CITO TAPE patching tape


CITO TAPE is the self-adhesive special patching tape with colour code for different thicknesses. Easy to handle and precise adhesion on all makeready sheets. Due to its extreme hardness very good for large and repeating runs.

Available in four categories of thickness for rough and fine makereadys as well as in six different widths.


colourthicknesslengthwidthunitOrder No.
Standard width 6 mm:
Blue0.03 mm40 m6.0 mm25 reelsBJC01002
Red0.05 mm30 m6.0 mm25 reelsBJC01012
Yellow0.08 mm20 m6.0 mm25 reelsBJC01007
White NEW0.15 mm10 m6.0 mm25 reelsBJC01030 
Width 3 mm:
Blue0.03 mm40 m3.0 mm40 reelsBJC01006
Red0.05 mm30 m3.0 mm40 reelsBJC01016
Yellow0.08 mm20 m3.0 mm40 reelsBJC01011
Width 12 mm:
Blue0.03 mm40 m12 mm12 reelsBJC01003
Red0.05 mm30 m12 mm12 reelsBJC01013
Yellow0.08 mm20 m12 mm12 reelsBJC01008
Width 20 mm:
Blue0.03 mm40 m20 mm7 reelsBJC01004
Red0.05 mm30 m20 mm7 reelsBJC01014
Yellow0.08 mm20 m20 mm7 reelsBJC01009
Width 30 mm:
Blue0.03 mm40 m30 mm5 reelsBJC01005
Red0.05 mm30 m30 mm5 reelsBJC01015
Yellow0.08 mm20 m30 mm5 reelsBJC01010



Width 700 mm:
Perfectly suited for the zone makeready of your stamping/cutting tools and the general preparation of your diecutting machines and platen presses.
Blue0.03 mm40 m700 mm1 reelBJC01023
Red0.05 mm30 m700 mm1 reelBJC01024
Yellow0.08 mm20 m700 mm1 reelBJC01025