For any application – CITO ULTIMATE!

One product for all your creasing jobs? Then opt for CITO ULTIMATE

The creasing system simplifies product selection and gives you the peace of mind that you are always using the right product.

CITO ULTIMATE is the optimum choice for all applications. Regardless of which material you convert or whether you crease small or large runs. And also if you have repeat orders or archive jobs in combination with cutting plates.


A range of tailored versions are available for special applications:

  • Corrugated board: The IK variant is used to reduce cracking of the crease along the creasing fold. The RYU version was designed for 180° folding. And CITO ULTIMATE /2 and /3 with transfer profile are predestined for use on the 4 – 6  pt and 8 pt creasing rule.
  • Double or multiple creases: The CC and CS types are ideally suitable for the conversion of double creases; multiple creases can be made optimally with the CSD variant.
  • Small boxboards: The RS version with particularly narrow distances between the cutting and creasing rule was developed for these appliactions.

CITO ULTIMATE – with unique flexible coating. The creasing system compensates for material fluctuations, reduces material cracking and ensures a uniform cutting process. This allows you to achieve higher machine performance, greater production safety and constantly high creasing quality – with each of the more than 600 sizes and variants available.