We have formed a management task force. There we continuously consider the changing situation. Internally, we have taken appropriate measures to minimise the risk of spreading. As of now, all our employees have escaped infection. We will take all possible measures to ensure that this remains the case.

Our deliverability is ensured for several months. We have stocked up sufficiently with all relevant raw materials. In general, we manufacture our products in our own companies. Here there are appropriate contingency plans, in order to maintain our production even in extreme situations. CITO remains your partner for success, even in unpredictable crises.

Naturally, we must all take measures, which deviate from practice to date. We must limit visits by our employees to necessary actions. You can of course contact us at any time by phone or by other means of communication. We ask for your understanding for such a measure. Through our actions, we also want to protect your company. We are applying a similar procedure to visits to our company. Please check whether it is necessary for you to visit us in our company during this time. We trust in your decision. Visits by external persons to our production facilities and stockrooms are currently ruled out. We allow such visits only in case of an emergency for technical maintenance of our machinery.

We hope that you, your company and your employees are also spared from infection. We have a great deal of trust in our health system, and hope that we will all be able to return to normality soon.

17 March 2020
Jürgen Mariën (CEO CITO GROUP)