CITOCLYN Cleaning Equipment New!

With the right equipment, the cleaning of your flexo printing machine is now even better

Apart from high-quality and innovative products, reliable service and technical support, you also receive the right accessories for optimum use of our cleaning products. We have extended the CITOCLYN series to include various useful tools with which the cleaning process for your flexographic printing machine will be even more convenient and efficient.

CITOCLYN Cleaning Brush Set

With the specially fanned bristles of the brush, flexographic printing plates can be optimally cleaned. The sturdy plastic block does not absorb the cleaning agent and is therefore particularly durable. The special rubbering prevents damage to printing plates in case of accidental contact with the brush. The aluminium telescopic rod supplied is continuously adjustable.

Recommendation: The best cleaning results are achieved in combination with our pressure sprayers.

CITOCLYN Cleaning Sponge

Due to its product properties, the viscous sponge is perfect for material-compatible cleaning of printing plates. Above all, it is characterised by its high liquid absorbency, as it can store up to 20 times its own dry weight. The handy printing plate cleaning sponge is 100 % biodegradable.

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