We’ve got some good news for you! CITOject F, the star among CITO ejection materials, is now available for the conversion of corrugated board: CITOject F 15 SAND

The advantages of CITOject F – for the most demanding of applications:

  • Using CITOject F means: fewer nicks and faster sheet transfer. Interfering dents are significantly reduced.
  • CITOject F is UV- and ageing-resistant. Hardening or embrittlement will no longer affect the performance of your cutting die. The time-consuming makeready involved in repeat runs is significantly lower.
  • When used in connection with the self-adhesive EasyFix version, the removal of the rubbering becomes child's play. The die surface retains its qualities in full.
  • Our ejection material, CITOject F, is certified as safe for the production of folding boxes for food packaging.

Achieve better results with CITOject F and at the same time produce according to certified quality and sustainability standards!

CITOject F