CITO Ejection Performance Guide Click for high performance!

New online tool! CITO Ejection Performance Guide.

Do you also want outstanding tools that achieve higher machine performance and excellent results?

Then opt for the know-how and experience of CITO! With the CITO Ejection System you have the right ejection material for each of your diecutting jobs.

In addition, we offer you optimum service and professional advice for maximum output. The CITO Ejection Performance Guide was developed by the CITO GROUP experts for exactly this purpose.

How it works:

  • Enter the key data of your next job.
  • Receive your individual material recommendation directly with the input of your data.
  • Request your personal PDF guide for extensive and detailed information for optimum rubbering of your cutting die by e‑mail.

With the CITO Ejection Performance Guide, you always receive precisely the right recommendation for all your specific requirements and jobs – simply online with a click!

CITO Ejection Performance Guide – the perfect service tool for your jobs.

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