Cutting dies with the CITO Quality Label For optimum performance and outstanding quality

The challenges and standards for packaging are increasing – be on the winners’ side and use tools that are worth their price in terms of quality and performance.

Because good quality is worth it. It pays to invest in a good tool instead of paying for the perceived saving with reduced production performance, high process costs and unnecessary waste of resources.

We created the CITO Ejection Material quality label so that you as a converter know which materials have been used on the cutting die. This quality symbol on the tool means that high-quality elastomers have been applied. CITO Ejection Material is optimally suitable for all applications in solid and corrugated board conversion. Whether large runs with high output rate, repeat jobs or smaller orders: this is how you produce efficiently and to a high quality.

Your benefits:

  • Optimum machine performance and maximum output
  • Efficient and safe processes that use resources carefully
  • Standardised and constant tool quality
  • Cutting dies with high output rates and long durability
  • Enormous potential savings in production costs

For optimum value for money, outstanding results – simply more profit. Opt for the original CITO Quality Label for future orders of cutting dies.

CITO Quality Label