POLYMX and CITO join forces

After long talks spanning several years, we have now sealed the partnership between ourselves and PolyMX bv, and CITO has acquired a 50 % interest in POLYMX. Over the past few years, POLYMX, a company based in the Netherlands, has grown to become the leading manufacturer of high-quality ejection material and today supplies nearly all the major international groups. The company became well-known for Polytop MX®, a special material for rotary dies – a product that rates as world market leader in terms of technology and quality.


Today, POLYMX sells around 30 % of its production to the flatbed diecutting segment. Investing in POLYMX means that CITO now has its own production capability for ejection materials in sheet form, thereby complementing the existing profiles in its product range.

Our joint aim is to develop recognised standards for rubbering cutting dies. The use of materials that were specially designed for cutting dies is long overdue and it is unbelievable that what are more or less waste products from other industries are still used for cutting dies in the 21st century! Everyone is aware that sponge rubber and other materials are actually unsuitable as they cannot guarantee the consistent functioning of a cutting die; cutting dust, UV light and other factors rapidly lead to wear and reduced functionality. Products by POLYMX have been specifically developed to meet the demands of cutting cardboard and corrugated cardboard, and fitting these products to both rotary and flatbed cutting dies allows them to achieve the best productivity with consistent quality. Together with POLYMX, we will continue to work on optimizing the diecutting process.

We are delighted to have this new member in the CITO GROUP, one who strengthens our position as leader in expertise and quality in the cutting and creasing technology sector. POLYMX will continue to be a stand-alone, independent business within the CITO GROUP and the aim is not only to retain the Netherlands site (and use the existing POLYMX distribution network) but also to expand it. If you are already a POLYMX customer, you will not notice any changes; the whole team will stay the same as before and, of course, you can continue to contact the POLYMX service department directly and benefit from their technical expertise. In addition, you gain the R&D capability of CITO: we guarantee that Polytop MX® will be continuously developed and we hope that within a short time we will be able to offer you additional special products for your cutting die. The combination of our 111 years of experience in processing paperboard, cardboard and corrugated cardboard plus the technical expertise of POLYMX will allow us to serve you even better as your partner for success.

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Together into the future, quality guaranteed