Sales power in Poland

CITO welcomed its representation Interas for product training

From 10 – 12 September 2018, Andrzej Sekita, Lukasz Sowa and Krzystof Olejnik of Interas, Poland were the guests of CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH.

For over 20 years, Interas has marketed CITO products on the Polish market with a great deal of commitment and very successfully. The objective of the 3-day training course was to refresh and intensify the participants’ technical know-how, so that they can offer customers optimum service and can make use of further market opportunities.

Among other things, CITO’s application experts explained and demonstrated to the guests, Andrzej Sekita, Lukasz Sowa and Krzystof Olejnik, the functions and advantages of the ProcessLine test and measuring devices. The PrintGuard antimarking system was also included on the training plan.

After training in the DFG CENTER, a joint visit was made to a CITO customer in the area. Seeing the BoxLine and FormLine products in practical use on the diecutter was very interesting and informative for the Interas employees. Here they were introduced to special application tips and extended their product knowledge in a practical environment.

The training days were rounded off by joint dinners, at which the attendees not only talked shop, but also developed relations on a friendship level.

We are pleased and proud to have committed partners like Interas. We thank them very much for the visit.

CITO begrüßte seine Vertretung Interas zum Produkttraining
CITO begrüßte seine Vertretung Interas zum Produkttraining