Perforating Tools

Perforating Tools

Easy and convenient to handle and straightforward to set up on the Spikes strips.

  • Simple changeover of the Spikes on the strip
  • Heights in line with European diecutting standards
  • No risk of injury when changing over Spikes
  • Packing sheets standardised and suited to corrugated board thicknesses
  • Easy-to-assemble strips are self-adhesive
  • Identical in concept to Mini-Spikes

Resy Symbols

light alloy, with Resy letters, with needles, standardized size

descriptionletter sizeouter dimensionsneedle heightunitOrder no.
Resy-Symbol55 x 60 mm66 x 62 x 6.5 mm3.5 mm20 pcs.BQE00001
Resy-Symbol, mini23 x 22 mm25 x 25 x 3.5 mm2.0 mm20 pcs.BQE00002
Resy-Symbol, without letters65 x 65 mm75 x 75 x 5.3 mm2.8 mm20 pcs.BQE00003
Resy-Symbol, mini, without letters23 x 22 mm25 x 25 x 3.5 mm2.0 mm20 pcs.BQE00004

Green Dot Symbols

descriptionletter sizeouter dimensionsneedle heightunitOrder no.
Green Dot SymbolØ 44 mm50 x 50 x 7 mm3.7 mm20 pcs.BQE00010
Green Dot Symbol, miniØ 22 mm25 x 25 x 5.7 mm2.0 mm20 pcs.BQE00011


CITO Spikes are perforating tools whose distinguishing features are very easy and convenient handling. These Perfa types are characterised by extreme stability and a uniform shape, which helps to prevent outlines in the material to be cut. There is no risk of injuries due to the self-adhesion as an installation aid and extremely easy handling of the spikes when exchanging them in the rail.

If you purchase the complete CITO Spike System, you receive a system of spike rails and packing adapted to the different corrugated boards.

DescriptionSpike heightDimensionsLetter heightUnitOrder no.
FSC Symbol with letters3.2 mm62 × 55 × 6.8 mm55 × 45 mm20 pcs.BQE00005
Spike "PAP 20"

2.9 mm

62 × 66 × 5.4 mm

58 × 49 mm

20 pcs.BQE00006 

Spikes with groove

letter height 20 mm

DescriptionUnitOrder no.
Spike 025 pcs.BQE03000
Spike 125 pcs.BQE03001
Spike 225 pcs.BQE03002
Spike 325 pcs.BQE03003
Spike 425 pcs.BQE03004
Spike 525 pcs.BQE03005
Spike 6/925 pcs.BQE03006
Spike 725 pcs.BQE03007
Spike 825 pcs.BQE03008
DescriptionUnitOrder no.
Spike A25 pcs.BQE04010
Spike B25 pcs.BQE04011
Spike C25 pcs.BQE04012
Spike D25 pcs.BQE04013
Spike E25 pcs.BQE04014
Spike F25 pcs.BQE04015
Spike G25 pcs.BQE04016
Spike H25 pcs.BQE04017
Spike I25 pcs.BQE04018
Spike J25 pcs.BQE04019
Spike K25 pcs.BQE04020
Spike L25 pcs.BQE04021
Spike M25 pcs.BQE04022
Spike N25 pcs.BQE04023
Spike O25 pcs.BQE03000
Spike P25 pcs.BQE04024
Spike Q25 pcs.BQE04025
Spike R25 pcs.BQE04026
Spike S25 pcs.BQE04027
Spike T25 pcs.BQE04028
Spike U25 pcs.BQE04029
Spike V25 pcs.BQE04030
Spike W25 pcs.BQE04022
Spike X25 pcs.BQE04031
Spike Y25 pcs.BQE04032
Spike Z25 pcs.BQE04033
Spike "-"25 pcs.BQE04034
Spike "/"25 pcs.BQE04035
Spike "."25 pcs.BQE04036
Spike "&"25 pcs.BQE04037
Spike "rougher" Spike Flag25 pcs.BQE04038
Spike "flag" Spike Flag25 pcs.BQE04039


letter height 10  mm

descriptionunitOrder no.
Mini-Spike 025 pcs.BQE02000
Mini-Spike 125 pcs.BQE02001
Mini-Spike 225 pcs.BQE02002
Mini-Spike 325 pcs.BQE02003
Mini-Spike 425 pcs.BQE02004
Mini-Spike 525 pcs.BQE02005
Mini-Spike 6/925 pcs.BQE02006
Mini-Spike 725 pcs.BQE02007
Mini-Spike 825 pcs.BQE02008
descriptionunitOrder no.
Mini-Spike A25 pcs.BQE02010
Mini-Spike B25 pcs.BQE02011
Mini-Spike C25 pcs.BQE02012
Mini-Spike D25 pcs.BQE02013
Mini-Spike E25 pcs.BQE02014
Mini-Spike F25 pcs.BQE02015
Mini-Spike G25 pcs.BQE02016
Mini-Spike H25 pcs.BQE02017
Mini-Spike I25 pcs.BQE02018
Mini-Spike J25 pcs.BQE02019
Mini-Spike K25 pcs.BQE02020
Mini-Spike L25 pcs.BQE02021
Mini-Spike M25 pcs.BQE02022
Mini-Spike N25 pcs.BQE02023
Mini-Spike O25 pcs.BQE02000
Mini-Spike P25 pcs.BQE02024
Mini-Spike Q25 pcs.BQE02025
Mini-Spike R25 pcs.BQE02026
Mini-Spike S25 pcs.BQE02027
Mini-Spike T25 pcs.BQE02028
Mini-Spike U25 pcs.BQE02029
Mini-Spike V25 pcs.BQE02030
Mini-Spike W25 pcs.BQE02022
Mini-Spike X25 pcs.BQE02032
Mini-Spike Y25 pcs.BQE02033
Mini-Spike Z25 pcs.BQE02034
Mini-Spike "-"25 pcs.BQE02035
Mini-Spike "/"25 pcs.BQE02036
Stopper Mini-Spike25 pcs.BQE02100 

Accessories for Spikes

 DescriptionDimensions (l × w × h)ColourUnitOrder no.
xSpike bar, self-adhesive700 × 29 × 5.2 mm
plate thickness 1.9 mm
black1 pc.BQE04100
xSupport plate, self-adhesive700 × 28 × 0.5 mmpink25 pcs.AQE00001
xSupport plate, self-adhesive700 × 28 × 0.8 mmyellow25 pcs.AQE00003
xSupport plate, self-adhesive700 × 28 × 1.0 mmgreen25 pcs.AQE00002
xSpike bar for Mini-Spike1000 × 16,4 × 3.0 mm
plate thickness 0.8 mm
blue1 pc.BQE02101
xSupport plate for Mini-Spikes, self-adhesive700 × 16 × 0.5 mmpink25 pcs.AQE00011
xSupport plate for Mini-Spikes, self-adhesive700 × 16 × 0.8 mmyellow25 pcs.AQE00013
xSupport plate for Mini-Spikes, self-adhesive700 × 16 × 1.0 mmgreen25 pcs.AQE00012