CITO CREASY Crease measuring device Software update v5.3.6.0

CITO CREASY measures the characteristics of creases efficiently and reliably. With the crease measuring device you can optimise the setup process at the machine and achieve a longer service life for your tooling and creasing matrices. The creasing characteristics are recorded optically and are evaluated on your PC or laptop using special software.

The software has been developed further and is available to you as a new version. The v5.3.6.0 update offers you additional functions and improvements:

The measured values for the “Production quality control” function can be managed easier and more efficiently. The scoring calculation has been improved with the “Power Box”. Furthermore, the security update of the E-Guide Pro firmware has additional protection functions and notes.

CITO CREASY Software-Update v5.3.6.0

Download update v5.3.6.0